Stop The Bleed

A partnership with the Penn State Health St. Joseph Emergency Department and the Berks County Scholastic Athletic Trainers Association to teach easy-to-learn techniques to control severe bleeding.

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As part of this community health initiative, Penn State Health St. Joseph is providing the Berks County Schools community with:
  • Emergency “Stop the Bleed Kits” in a high visibility, wall-mounted unit.
  • Hands-on Bleeding control training for up to 50 educational and support staff per school building.
  • Continuing support for the life of the program.

The program is a multi-year initiative to provide school district personnel the necessary tools and training to become empowered initial responders.

The kits contain gloves, tourniquets, pressure dressings, gauze bandages and other essential supplies necessary for treatment of bleeding prior to the arrival of professional emergency responders.

The training is conducted by Penn State Health St. Joseph Emergency Department professionals during a 90 minute course where a life-like device is used to simulate a severe bleeding injury.

The techniques taught through Stop the Bleed can be used by bystanders on victims who suffer deep wounds from a variety of traumas.

With the various school district’s Athletic Trainers serving as in-house champions of the program, Penn State Health St. Joseph will coordinate the implementation of the Stop the Bleed program in each school with the support of the Berks County Intermediate Unit.


In October 2015, the White House and the American College of Surgeons launched Stop the Bleed®, a program that provides individuals with the education and training they need to stop blood loss and save lives. The program was developed by the Hartford Consensus to Enhance Survival in Intentional Mass Casualty Events in April 2013, just a few months after the active shooter tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Penn State Health St. Joseph is licensed by the Department of Defense to partner in the Stop The Bleed program.