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Health Today is a monthly television program hosted by Penn State Health St. Joseph on BCTV. We’ll be covering all topics health-related so you can get to know our excellent staff and programs we have to offer.

The Importance of Mammography

Host Mike Jupina talks with Dr. Scott Wise and Anne Welsh about the importance of mammograms – the best way to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible stage. You will learn what a mammogram is, when you should start having regular mammograms, differences between 2 and 3D mammograms, Penn State Health St. Joseph’s Self Referral Mammography Program and so much more.

Heart to Heart – Lifestyle Effects on the Heart

February’s Heart to Heart featuring Penn State Medical Group Berks Cardiology’s Dr. Andrew Waxler covers how one’s lifestyle and stress effects the heart.

Health Today Covers Weight Loss Surgery

Mike Jupina sits down with Dr. Allison Barrett to discuss details of bariatric or weight loss surgery such as: who is a surgery candidate, what are the steps involved in the surgery, surgery options, physical benefits, and more.

The Importance of Exercise, Bone Health and Having a GYN After Menopause

Mike Jupina sits down with Dr. Vincent Zhang, OB/GYN and Dr. Andrew Shoemaker, OB/GYN to discuss the ins and outs of menopause and the importance of a healthy lifestyle for women pre, during and post menopause.

Chronic Disease Support Group

Host Mike Jupina talks with Wendy Clayton, Clinical Program Coordinator about participating in the Chronic Disease Support Group and the value support groups have for those with or caregivers for those with chronic illnesses. Cardiovascular Patient Navigator, Melissa Dagon also joins the conversation and shares what a Patient Navigator’s role is for patients not only in but out of the hospital.

Health Today Covers CenteringParenting

Host Mike Jupina chats with Downtown Pediatrics team Dr. Jerry Lee, OB nursing Navigator/Centering Coordinator Kimberly Hunter, and Krystal Trinkle CRNP about the newCenteringParenting program that offers group pediatric well-child care for the first two years in a setting that enables parent empowerment, self-care, and community engagement.

Heart to Heart – November 2018

November’s Heart to Heart featuring Penn State Medical Group Berks Cardiology’s Dr. Andrew Waxler covers all timely holiday topics…why you should watch your salt intake over the holidays and setting those New Year’s resolutions around improving your health.

Health Today Covers Project SEARCH

Host Barb Moyer chats with staff and students about Project SEARCH. Penn State Health St. Joseph’s Downtown Reading Campus recently became the business host site for Project SEARCH, an organization focused on helping young adults with mild to moderate disabilities make a successful transition from school to productive adult life. Each student receives classroom instructions and hands-on experience through internships in as many as three departments at the downtown campus, with the goal of competitive employment. Through their work immersion experience, students also develop employability, social and independent living skills.

Heart to Heart – August 2018

Stop the Bleed to Save a Life

Host Mike Jupina talks with St. Joe’s Environment of Care Coordinator, Don Hirsch about the simple steps to Stop the Bleed to save a life, and the program that could be coming to your school district.

Health Today Covers Hernia’s

Host Mike Jupina gets all the details from General Surgeon, Dr. Michael Abboud, on hernia’s. Give it 23 minutes and you’ll increase your knowledge about them, understand what to expect, and be able to decide what to do.

How Hospitals Respond to Community Emergency

Host Mike Jupina talks with St. Joe’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Chris Chamberlain RN, on how hospitals prepare for emergencies in their communities.

The Many Services for Lung Diseases

Living a Full Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Host Mike Jupina talks with St. Joe’s rheumatologist, Dr. Amal Kebede, on how patients with the chronic illness Rheumatoid Arthritis can live fulfilling lives. Dr. Kebede was inspired to become a rheumatologist after having been diagnosed with the disease at age 13.

Stroke Smarts: You Can Control Your Risk Factors

Host Mike Jupina talks with Wendy Clayton, RN, CCM, Stroke Clinical Program Coordinator about the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke, why you shouldn’t “wait it out”, and how care begins before you reach the hospital with EMS providers and could possibly continue once you’re a patient through the telemedicine program with partner Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

10 Reasons To Have Your Baby at St Joes

Patient Safety

Host Mike Jupina talks with Loretta Boyd about our culture of safety and how we work to ensure every patient, family member, and visitor experiences a safe and positive environment of care.

Spiritual Care

Host Mike Jupina talks with Director of Spiritual Care, Kurt Danga-Storm on the privilege of helping patients and their families during their hospital and healthcare journey, the importance of providing an inclusive experience for diverse faiths and backgrounds, and the misconceptions that chaplains are only there to speak about religion.

General Surgery

Host Mike Jupina talks with General Surgeon Dr. Michael Abboud, MD, about being Philadelphia-area natives, what’s so great about living in Berks County and what it takes to become a general surgeon.

Understanding the Benefits of Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Host Mike Jupina talks with Kraig Leiby, Lisa Zwierzyna, and Alyssa Dieffenderfer of Penn State Health’s Physical Therapy as they break down the art and science of movement and how physical therapy is used to help patients meet their lifestyle goals.

Wound Management

Host Mike Jupina talks with Dr. Robert F. Thomas MD, Kyle Himmelreich DPT, and Rebecca Romanot PTA, CWS, CLT of Penn State Health’s Wound Center as they share their expertise and innovative treatments for hard to heal wounds.


Host Mike Jupina talks with Dr. Heidi Sensenig, Wyomissing Optometric Center, and Dr. Jeffrey Zlotnick, Penn State Health St. Joseph, about all thing concussions: symptoms, screening and diagnosis, and how it affects student athletes.

Eating Healthy – A Palatable Game Plan

In honor of National Nutrition Month, Penn State Health St. Joseph’s Mike Jupina talks with Registered Dietitian’s Nicole Rhoads and Andrea Gamber about all things nutrition. They cover the new dietary guidelines, food labels, different diets for health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. And they show that even in Berks County, people can have a healthy diet while enjoying their food!

Liver-Directed Cancer Therapy

Y-90 is a minimally invasive procedure used in the treatment of liver cancer and Radiation Oncologist Dr. Navesh Sharma of Penn State Health St. Joseph’s Cancer Center is one of the country’s leading physicians in the use of this procedure which is performed in conjunction with interventional radiologists.

Watch BCTV’s Health Today as Dr. Sharma explains this new procedure that will be offered at Penn State Health St. Joseph’s Bern Campus soon. Dr. Sharma recently was a co-author on a study of the treatment method recently published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Successfully Quitting Smoking

Host Mike Jupina talks with Pulmonary Navigator and Tobacco Treatment Specialists Ann Schmehl, MBA, RN, CCM on successful ways to quit smoking.

F.A.S.T. The Key to Surviving Stroke

Host Mike Jupina talks with Project Impact Nurse Kristin Miller BSN, RN and Emergency Dept. Clinical Coordinator Karen Stauffer RN.

Sports Medicine

Host Mike Jupina talks with Physical Therapist Joe Miller and Athletic Trainer Ashley Care, who provides sports medicine services for Penn State Health St. Joseph to Albright College

Managing Your Diabetes

Host Barb Moyer talks with Angela Serafin, RN, MSN, Certified Diabetes Educator about diabetes and the educational resources St. Joe’s offers.

Palliative Care

Host Mike Jupina talks with Stacey Hittner and Dr. Trina Michael about Palliative Care.

Fast Tracking Treatment of Lung Disease

Host Mike Jupina talks with Dr. Christian Gilbert, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and Donna Engle, Lung Nurse Navigator, about how they and their multidisciplinary team are fast-tracking the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.

Volunteering Opportunities

Host Mike Jupina discusses the benefits of volunteering opportunities with Barb Moyer, Director of Volunteers.

Women-2-Women Live!

St. Joe’s takes over Women2Women Live as host Julia Nickey discusses how women are shaping healthcare with Christie Ganas, MD, Tina Citro, Nurse Executive, and Debby Moyer, Director of Patient Access.

Understanding Stress and Your Body

Charmaine Anderson, MD, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with St. Joseph Medical Group OB/GYN Associates discusses how stress affects your body and ways of dealing with it resulting in a happier and healthier you.