610-378-2000 610-378-2000

Standards of Conduct

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All employees, volunteers, medical staff, board and committee members, officers, and others working with St. Joseph will act in accordance with the following standards of conduct:

  1. Be honest in all dealings and transactions.
  2. Our workplace will foster community and we will care for the dignity, safety and well-being of all persons we encounter.
  3. We will seek to attract and maintain a high level of knowledgeable and skilled staff with strong ethical principles and provide quality care and safety according to the highest ethical standards and based on the principles of respect for patient autonomy.
  4. Observe all laws, regulations and policies that govern our decisions and hold us accountable.
  5. Maintain integrity and transparency along with confidentiality of patient, staff and all organizational information.
  6. Conflicts of interest and/or the appearance of conflicts will be avoided at all cost.
  7. Use our resources responsibly, both human and financial, will always be a focus in our decision making.