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During Your Stay

At Your Request Room Service
Penn State Health St. Joseph has partnered with Sodexo to provide meals that are delicious, nutritious, and prepared and delivered at any time you wish! You will be able to choose from a wide selection of menu items. Your meals are customizable for your dietary needs and restrictions, such as gluten free or vegetarian. You may order anytime between 6:30AM-6:30PM. Guest trays may also be ordered for your support person. Gift cards are available to pre-purchase and make a great gift for your support person and other visitors.

Open Visiting Hours
Visiting hours are open and flexible, depending on your wishes. Family members are also encouraged to visit the new family. Support Persons may spend the night and/or stay throughout the entire experience.

Quiet Time
A unique feature of your birth experience will include Quiet Time. Every day from 2p-4p, the mother, support person, and baby will have uninterrupted time to rest, take a nap, or bond with your baby in privacy without interruptions from staff or visitors. Of course, we are always available to help you if needed. We encourage visitors to come any time before and after Quiet Time. Quiet Time has been shown to decrease fatigue in new parents, and gives parents precious moments to learn their baby’s language.

Lactation Services
Many women choose to breastfeed their babies because of the many benefits to both baby and the family unit. With a little practice, support and encouragement from our specially trained staff and international board-certified lactation consultant, newborns can enjoy a breastfeeding relationship.

The Breidegam Family Birthing Center offers the following lactation services

  • Prenatal consultations
  • Individualized inpatient education and support
  • NICU lactation support and pump rental
  • Postpartum outpatient consultations
  • Specialized breastfeeding classes
  • Outpatient breastfeeding support

Baby Friendly Initiative
In 2017, Breidegam Family Birthing Center obtained Baby-Friendly Hospital designation established by the WHO/UNICEF. There is an abundance of scientific evidence that points to lower risks for certain diseases and improved health outcomes for both mothers and babies who breastfeed. We work with each family before, during and after their stay to support their breastfeeding goals.

Social Security Card and Birth Announcement
For your convenience, Breidegam Family Birthing Center provides the opportunity to register for your baby’s Social Security Card. If you desire, we will also forward your Birth Announcement to the Reading Eagle. As an additional keepsake, you will receive a Record of Birth signed by your physician and “stamped” by your baby.

WelcomeNewborn Pictures
Your baby will have the opportunity to star in his or her own photo session without leaving the hospital! A photographer will contact you to arrange for the photo session. You will then be given a personal website to share your memories. Using this service is free, with the exception of any photos you choose to purchase. WelcomeNewborn Inc.

Shining Stars
Active on social media? We welcome our newest Shining Stars! Family members of Breidegam Family Birthing Center please share and tag Penn State Health St. Joseph and use #weare_stjoesshiningstars

Infant security
The Breidegam Family Birthing Center has an Infant Security System to protect your baby. All visitors must enter the department through the main entrance, which is locked and monitored by security cameras.

The Breidegam Family Birthing Center offers:

  • Individualized, personalized care focusing on both your physical comfort and educational needs of the entire family
  • Each newborn will receive a hand-knit hat
  • Mom will receive a customized tote bag that includes:
    • Spa toiletries
    • A New Beginning, Newborns – 5th Edition
    • Welcome Newborn Channel (accessible at home)
  • Opportunity to Celebrate Life’s First Steps