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Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic

The St. Joseph Cancer Center hosts the Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic (MDBCC), which meets weekly (every Thursday afternoon). Physician specialists from Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Radiology and Pathology are present for all patient case presentations. All scheduled patients’ attending physicians are invited to participate as their schedules allow.

Our Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic provides an opportunity for physicians to provide each patient with coordinated physician evaluations, additional diagnostic testing recommendations, follow-up physician appointments, and consensus treatment recommendations in one session, while the patient (and her family) is present. Attending physicians may choose to refer their own newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to the MDBCC for their first appointments or for a second opinion with the oncologists and MDBCC team.

Consulting physicians, family physicians, or patients themselves may make an appointment to be seen by the Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic team by calling the St. Joseph Cancer Center front office at 610-378-2117. Alternatively, referring physicians may fax the Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic Physician Consult Form to 610-378-2674. Our office staff will coordinate with the referring physician’s office staff to gather appropriate medical documents, imaging studies, and pathology slides and coordinate obtaining referrals, as appropriate. Following the completion of the patient’s visit to the MDBCC, all of the patient’s involved physicians will receive a copy of the physician team’s recommendations and the patient’s follow-up plan. Patients leave the Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic with next-steps recommendations and appropriate educational materials. Attached is a copy of the Multidisciplinary Breast Care Clinic (MDBCC) Process Overview and the “Welcome” packet that the referring physician’s staff can complete and share with the patient after scheduling an appointment for the MDBCC.

Patients, their families and their physicians are pleased with this process, which delivers coordinated physician efforts and enhanced patient care.

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