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Many Women With Breast Cancer Can Avoid Chemotherapy, New Study Shows

Dr. Marc Rovito remembers the early years of breast cancer treatment. “I’m an old-timer,” said Rovito, medical director and medical oncologist at Penn State Health St. Joseph’s cancer center. “I’ve been doing this awhile. If you had a 1 centimeter (tumor) you always got chemo. Period. Those are women we don’t by and large treat with chemotherapy. There are a lot of women who are no longer exposed to chemotherapy that used to be.”

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Penn State Health St. Joseph launches “Stop The Bleed” in Berks County Schools

March 1, 2018 Penn State Health St. Joseph announced Thursday at a launch event at Schuylkill Valley High School that it was collaborating with the Berks County Scholastic Athletic Trainers Association on a county-wide, multi-year public health training program to educate the Berks Community on the role bystanders can play in saving the lives of victims who sustain injuries that lead to uncontrolled bleeding.

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Penn State Health St. Joseph’s Free Program Will Help Public “Flag” Potential Health Issues

Penn State Health St. Joseph’s free program will help public “flag” potential health issues Health4Cast offers biometric studies, face-to-face wellness consults. Reading, Pa., February 15, 2018 — Members of the public can get a free check on their body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol at Penn State Health St. Joseph with the start of a monthly program designed to uncover early warning signs of possibly larger health issues. The first event is Tuesday, February 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the lobby of the hospital’s Bern Township campus.

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