610-378-2000 610-378-2000

Resident Goals/Objectives/Competencies

Upon completion of the Dental Residency Program the resident will be able to:

Display proficiency in operative dentistry on primary and secondary teeth (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Composite and amalgam
  • Diagnose, prevent, and treat disease of the enamel and dentin of natural teeth.
  • Special emphasis on the diagnosis of caries (clinically, radiographically, caries stain, and diagnodent)

Obtain informed consent (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Understand the need for informed Consent and feel comfortable in obtaining an informed consent

Function effectively within the interdisciplinary health care team (including consultations and referrals) (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Become proficient in writing referrals and handling requested consults to be able to function within interdisciplinary health care team

Provide patient focused care coordinated by the general dentist (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Become proficient in treatment planning
  • Able to deliver comprehensive care with appropriate multidisciplinary treatment

Direct health promotion and disease prevention activities (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Educate his/her patients on preventive medicine and how it especially relates to their oral health
  • Educate patients and community on dental health and prevention of oral disease

Use advanced dental modalities (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Use advanced dental modalities for the treatment of patients (giving the resident options to make better diagnosis, treatment, and more predictable treatment outcomes)

Restore the edentulous space (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Removable, Crown and Bridge, and Implants
  • Place and restore implant (minimum of two implant placements)

Diagnose and treat periodontal cases (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Quadrant scaling, crown lengthening, flaps, and membrane placement

Initiated and complete endodontic cases (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Rotary endo
  • Molar cases (minimum of 4)
  • Retreat cases

Perform simple extraction and surgical extraction (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Adequately diagnose and treat pathologies related to the oral cavity, mandible and maxilla and adjacent structures.
  • Become competent in basic oral surgery techniques; and comfortable with minor oral surgery techniques
  • Gain experience in placing bone grafting (socket preservation) material and placing simple implants. (Minimum of 2)

Evaluate and treat dental and medical emergencies (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Provide experience to deliver a comprehensive range of dental service for all patients, including underserved, mentally or physically compromised.

Use behavioral and/or pharmacological techniques to control pain and anxiety (Didactic and Clinical)

  • Patient management

The resident’s performance will be evaluated quarterly to ensure completion of the above competencies at an advanced level of skill beyond the pre-doctoral training.