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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does St. Joe’s need philanthropic support?

Philanthropy is a vital source of funding for our mission. Income generated by the Medical Center doesn’t always cover the costs of the care we provide. Contributions provide life-saving medical equipment, improve patient care, and enhance a wide range of programs.

Since St. Joseph’s Hospital’s founding in 1873, the community has supported our mission. In 1882 the Sisters of St. Francis launched the first public fundraising campaign, going door to door soliciting money for an expansion of the Hospital. The community responded generously, by giving its time, talents and treasures, marking a tradition of public support to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

That tradition continues today and we are blessed by the many partners who help us perpetuate our mission to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Philanthropy touches all aspects of our what we do at St. Joe’s.

Why give to St. Joe’s?

Penn State Health St. Joseph welcomes your support! By making a gift, you can enhance your charitable and financial objectives and choose among a range of tax-deductible options to make a gift. To confirm that we receive your gift and for tax purposes, we will send you a letter documenting the gift amount.

May I give anonymously?

Yes. We honor requests for anonymity. Please contact us at 610-378-2477 or let us know in writing.

May I specify how I want St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation to use my gift?

Yes. You may specify your gift designation to one of our key service areas or to various initiatives currently in place at St. Joseph Medical Center. Our online giving page and downloadable donation form provide various designation options. To learn of other areas of support, please call us at 610-378-2477 and we will work to match your interests with our needs.

Is St. Joseph Medical Center a non-profit organization?

Yes. St. Joseph Medical Center and the Foundation are 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. We are eligible to receive matching gifts from corporations and organizations that support healthcare.

How do I find out more about volunteering at St. Joseph Medical Center?

Many individuals wish to share their time and talents with St. Joe’s. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please see our Volunteers page or call Barb Moyer, Director of Volunteer Services at 610-378-2469.

How do I acknowledge/make a donation in honor of a staff member who went over and above the call of duty?

The best way is to nominate that special individual as your Guardian Angel. To learn more about the St. Joe’s Guardian Angel program, please see our Guardian Angel page. You will find a form to print and mail to us nominating your angel!