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Why Give

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Gifts made to Penn State Health St. Joseph sustain important clinical services, patient care, and treatment. Every gift makes a difference in the work we do and in the lives of the patients and families we serve. Your gift becomes an investment; an investment that pays dividends in people’s lives.

The right place.

Penn State Health St. Joseph is an organization committed to and capable of dramatic and continuous improvement.

The right people.

Penn State Health St. Joseph has served patients and their families since 1873, using a team of highly-qualified and compassionate care-givers providing the best care to patients.

The right system.

To achieve transformational change in healthcare, a new method is required. Penn State Health St. Joseph has incorporated many systems that create and maintain unparalleled levels of quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction. Integrated throughout these new systems is our person-centered care.

The right environment.

Penn State Health St. Joseph has made the investment and is committed to providing a physical environment that improves healthcare delivery, supports staff to provide perfect care and is flexible to support continuous improvement.

The right leadership.

Penn State Health St. Joseph is blessed with a dedicated team of individuals who continually look for ways to improve care for the patients, families and communities we serve. Patients and families are often grateful for the care they have received and have many reasons for giving to Penn State Health St. Joseph. With every gift, there is a story. Click here to read a few personal stories that illustrate why people and organizations give to Penn State Health St. Joseph and why it matters.

What does your gift achieve?

We are able to further our mission of excellence and patient-centered, compassionate care because of the partnership and commitment from our loyal supporters. Through the generosity of our benefactors, we have opportunities to provide advanced treatments, pioneer innovations, and expand our facilities with the ever-changing healthcare needs of the community. The power of philanthropy is visible across Penn State Health St. Joseph and many of our accomplishments and programs are made possible thanks to your generous support.