Have AFib? Is the Watchman™ implant right for you?

About the Procedure

The WATCHMAN device is an innovative minimally-invasive one-time procedure designed to reduce the risk of stroke that originates in the left atrial appendage (LAA) in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation suffering from bleeding, who are contraindicated or eligible for oral anticoagulants.The average procedure time is approximately 60 minutes, and patients typically stay in the hospital for 24 hours.

About the Experts

Penn State Health’s Dr. Christopher Rogers, an electrophysiologist, and Dr. Troy Trayer, an interventional cardiologist and structural heart specialist, were the first physicians in the Berks region to implant the WATCHMAN device. In the two years since, they remain the most prolific local heart specialists offering the treatment, achieving an unmatched degree of both clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction.

Proven Success

Drs. Rogers and Trayer note that the WATCHMAN is a safe alternative to long-term anticoagulation while offering comparable stroke risk reduction. After just 45 days following implantation, 92% of patients were able to stop taking anticoagulation; by 1 year, the number increased to more than 99%.

Do You Fit The Criteria?

Patients that may be candidates for WATCHMAN must meet specific medical criteria. Please review your health history and current status with your family physician or give The Heart Institute care team a call to discuss the WATCHMAN device and other available treatment options.

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