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How is the Multidisciplinary Lung Clinic at St. Joseph Regional Health Network different?

We at St. Joseph have found that the most effective and efficient treatment for patients with an abnormal lung finding is through a multidisciplinary approach. From the flow of insight and exchange of information from the various physician specialists to the support and guidance of the Lung Nurse Navigator, patients are given the attention and expertise needed for a successful treatment plan.

The team comes together on a weekly basis resulting in a fast-tracked treatment plan for your patient. We also remain in close communication with the referring physician regarding their patient’s treatment plan.

Donna Engle, CPFT, LPN, Lung Nurse Navigator is here for you and your patients

Donna, our Lung Nurse Navigator, will serve as the point of contact to guide your patient through treatment as well as communicate with you on your patient’s treatment plan. Along with coordinating medical records and tests, she also assists with barriers to treatment such as financial, social, psychological, and transportation issues.

The Multidisciplinary Lung Clinic Team

The Multidisciplinary Lung Clinic is held every Tuesday from 3pm to 5pm in St. Joseph Cancer Center, an affiliate of Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute.

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For more information contact:
Donna Engle, CPFT, Lung Nurse Navigator
Phone: 610-378-2102
Cell: 484-388-0633
Email: Dengle2@pennstatehealth.psu.edu