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Penn State Health’s Closures and Services Modification Within Berks County

Locations and services not listed below are operating at their normal hours. Please search here for more information

  • Downtown Campus.
    • Walk-in service of X-ray available M, W, F 8AM-2PM; TU, TH 8AM-4:30PM.
  • Heritage of Green Hills Currently closed to non-residents (Residents: Wednesdays only 7:30-11am).
  • Encompass Health laboratory closed permenately.
  • Exeter Ridge Medical fitness suspended.
  • Sinking Spring laboratory closed permanently.
  • Spring Ridge @ 2607 Keiser Blvd.
    • Walk-in service of Lab/EKG are available M-TH 6AM-6PM, F 6AM-5PM, Sat 6AM-12PM.
    • Walk-in service of X-ray are available M, W, F 8AM-2PM; T/TH 8AM-7PM.