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About Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services at Penn State Health St. Joseph offer outstanding specialists in Internal and Family Medicine in numerous locations throughout Berks County and beyond. Selecting a primary care physician is an important first step toward managing your healthcare. It’s the doctor you visit for most medical needs, including wellness visits and routine screenings, non-emergency illnesses like earaches and sore throats, and the person you speak to about your health questions and concerns. Your primary care physician could also be the person who refers you to see a specialist, should the need arise.

Our Pediatric Primary Care Physicians provide expert care to children of all ages – from birth through age 18. Your child should visit a primary care doctor for routine check-ups/well-child visits, immunizations, as well as any non-emergency illnesses, such as a cough or rash. If necessary, we can refer your child to a specialist for further treatment.

Conditions & Treatment

Visit your primary care physician for timely treatment of acute illnesses and injuries. All our physicians have “sick appointment” times set aside to allow those in need to be seen quickly.

Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for:

  • Common illnesses
  • New symptoms outside the standard bug or cold, such as sole throat or vomiting
  • Symptoms that aren’t improving with time and or over-the-counter medicines
  • Annual check-ups
  • New physician introductory appointment
  • Referrals to a specialists
  • Managing ongoing medical conditions
  • Routine screenings

Get Connected

For more information, our Physician Referral Service can assist you in selecting a physician that’s right for you and your family. Patty Kelly, Physician Referral Specialist, will personally match you with a physician based on your location, preferences, and individual or family needs. You can contact Patty by calling 610-378-2001, toll-free 844-363-0882, or emailing FindAPhysician@pennstatehealth.psu.edu.