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Flag Tribute Program

Throughout America’s history, the freedoms we’ve enjoyed have been defended by our servicemen and women. St. Joseph Medical Center Auxiliary invites you to pay tribute to family members and friends who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

St. Joseph Medical Center Auxiliary sponsors an annual U.S. Flag Tribute Program to recognize our loved ones’ military service. For each person you honor or memorialize, a small U.S. flag will be displayed from Memorial Day until mid-July in front of the main entrance of Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center’s Bern Campus.

Please complete the form below and make your donation of $10.00 for each person whom you are honoring or memorializing. The names of your loved ones will be listed online this year. Also, for each person you honor or memorialize, an acknowledgement email will be sent to them or to their family informing them of your tribute.

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Proceeds from this SJMC Auxiliary program support the mission of Penn State Health St. Joseph. The SJMC Auxiliary has provided funding to support increased access to health and dental care at St. Joe’s Downtown Reading Campus; St. Joe’s Diabetes Wellness Program; St. Joe’s Palliative Care Program; the purchase and refurbishment of a Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT) truck; and the purchase of medical equipment throughout Penn State Health St. Joseph, including support in 2017 for the hospital’s telemetry system upgrade.

Thank you for your generous support!

For more information, please contact the
Penn State Health St. Joseph
Office of Development at 610-378-2477.