The withdrawal of State Aid in 1921 worked a hardship on the Hospital, but new equipment and much repair work inside and outside the building was needed. The Board of Trustees felt that a Drive, not for maintenance, but for building should be considered.

As the year drew to a close, the Drive was launched and the result was over $80,000. Sisters, Doctors and Board Members were untiring in the work of the Drive. The ever-generous people of Reading contributed to the Drive for an erection of an added Wing to meet the demands made on the Hospital. Much credit was due to Mr. Wellington M. Bertolet for his wonderful work to make the Drive successful. Encouraging too were the comments of the Inspectors from the College of Surgeons and Physicians on the work of the Hospital and its Staff of physicians.

The few recommendations made by the Inspectors were carefully followed and the cooperation of the Board, Staff and Sisters was most gratifying. All were looking forward to the not-so-distant future when an added Wing would solve some of our problems in the care and comfort of the patients.

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