1923 marked the half century that St. Joseph’s had served the public. Statistics make dry reading, but a few will point up the changes in the fifty years since 1873. From the small “hospital on the hill” of twelve beds, there are one hundred thirty beds; also, the lay nurses numbered forty. Nineteen of these one hundred thirty beds were located in the Nurses’ Residence.

The Hospital was approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medical Education and licensed as a teaching institution. A dispensary staff was organized to keep adequate histories of dispensary patients. The Dental Department was opened with a Chief and four assistants. A Basal Metabolism Machine was purchased for the Laboratory, also a powerful X-Ray Machine for the X-ray Department.

During these fifty years, 43,514 patients were treated at St. Joseph Hospital; among these number, 18,105 were free patients. The work of the Hospital went on without State Aid, but the quality of service and the tender loving care given the patients had never diminished even in times of financial stress.

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