Sunday, June 13, 1926, the New Wing, as it was called, was dedicated in a most impressive ceremony by His Eminence Cardinal Dennis Dougherty. The presiding officer at the dedication was Wellington M. Bertolet, President of the Board of Trustees. An address was given by the Honorable M. Vauclain, President of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and also by Mr. Bertolet, President of the Board and Mr. Louis J. Heizmann, Chairman of the Building Committee. Mr. Heizmann deserved a great deal of credit for his diligent attention to and masterful handling of the work of the Building Committee. Mr. Bertolet, in his address, stressed the glory of the work of charity for the past fifty years.

Upon completion of the New Wing, patients were transferred from the Nurses’ Residence to the Hospital. St. Joseph Hospital was considered to be a very up-to-date hospital, not only in equipment but also in construction, and could be placed proudly among hospitals of its own size.

The airy private and semi-private rooms were well-furnished. The Operating and Delivery suites on the sixth floor were well lighted and removed from the patient area. The Outpatient Department on the ground floor, along with the other areas mentioned above, made it a Hospital in which it was a pleasure to work.

Other changes also took place – the old stone building, formerly used for isolation patients, was converted into a residence for women employees. The Sister’s quarters, on the fourth floor, were made more comfortable.

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