Many people remember the blizzard of January 1936. Some people in the Hospital had reason to remember it. On that stormy night, a call came to the Hospital to send an ambulance for a maternity patient out in the suburbs. Dr. Leroy Fergus and Miss Ann Dainoski accompanied the ambulance driver, answering the call and through almost blinding snow and drifted roads, the ambulance ploughed its way. The ambulance could not get through to the home of the patient, so the Doctor, Nurse and Driver made the last mile on foot. The young woman was safely delivered. However, on the return trip, the ambulance stalled in the high drifts and had to be towed back to the Hospital. The Hospital personnel were aided by neighbors to continue the trip back to the Hospital. The call took four hours – 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the longest call on record in the Hospital.

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