In 1944, the United States was still involved in World War II and Sister Mary Gertrude saw many of our Doctors and Nurses leave to serve their Country. Despite shortages on manpower, material goods, etc., the Hospital went on quietly giving its best to the care of the patients. It would be impossible, in this history, to recount the splendid progress made by our Medical Staff in keeping abreast of all the new methods for the care of the patient. Plasma had come into use since the war and Doctors of St. Joseph Hospital were among the first to recognize the value of its lifesaving use. It developed that Blood Plasma was not the final phase of blood transfusions and “whole” blood was found to be more effective. St. Joseph Hospital was the first Hospital in this area to establish what was known as a “Blood Bank.” Blood taken from donors could be “banked” by special process until needed.

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