The year 1951 opened on an encouraging note for the Hospital. On a visit to the Department of Welfare, Judge H. Robert Mays, Messrs. Raymond Wenger and Harold Staudt, together with the Administrator, were told by Mr. Craig Fluent that St. Joseph Hospital stood a good chance of getting Federal Aid. Encouraging indeed!

In June, a letter was received from Mr. Ira Mills, State Department in Harrisburg, that the Department had accepted and approved the construction schedule of St. Joseph Hospital. It was now positive that Federal Aid for the project would be received. Final plans resulted in building a Nurses’ Residence to be followed, as soon as possible, by a Wing to the Hospital.

New clinics were being formed, among them being a Diabetic Clinic which was under the direction of Dr. Crawford J. Best, Chief of the Diabetic Staff. A course outlining symptoms was offered free to those suffering from diabetes. This course was to be given by lectures from Dr. Best, Dr. Leonard M. DelVecchio, technicians and registered nurses. A Department of Psychiatry was also planned for future consideration was to be incorporated in the plans for the New Wing.

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