January, 1954, plans were maturing for another wing to be added to the hospital, extending from Twelfth and Walnut Streets northward. The new wing would be the continuation of a long range plan for future expansion of the hospital.

Many of our Sisters who have given their loving care to our patients have celebrated their Silver or Golden Jubilees with us, but it would be impossible to write of them all

In September of this year, all employees were put on a forty hour week. Though this new work schedule necessitated more help, it was a forward step in employer-employee relations.

Thanksgiving Day, a ten-day old baby was found abandoned in the main lobby of the hospital. A newsboy heard the baby crying as it lay on a radiator near a window just inside the vestibule. The child was well and warmly dressed. The newsboy spied the pink blanket near the open window. He said, “I saw the blanket and heard a scream and there was the baby.”

The switchboard operator notified the night supervisor, who took the child to the Pediatric Department for an examination. The baby was found healthy and alert. The little one was showered with affection by the nurses, in fact, by the entire hospital family. The nurses named the baby Catherine in honor of St. Catherine whose Feast Day was observed that day.

Men from the Detective Bureau immediately began to investigate the case in an effort to locate the parents.

Later, the baby was taken to the Catholic Charities in Philadelphia.

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