Plans were under way to make extensive renovation in the older part of the hospital at an approximate cost of $300,000. The former Operating Rooms were to be converted into bedrooms and the former Emergency Rooms, clinic and heart department were to be made into a Gift Shop, Snack Bar and renovated outpatient clinics. The plans were in the hands of Schmidt, Garder and Erickson of Chicago; one of them was to erect a bridge from the seventh floor of the old hospital to the fourth floor of the Nurses’ Residence. This bridge would have made easy access to the convent floor of the hospital for the Sisters who lived in the older part of the Nurses’ Residence. The idea evidently was abandoned and it understandable—it would be like crossing Niagara Falls, a rather dizzy height looking down on Birch Street. It was a thought, if perhaps, an adventurous one.

We all know the value of music, and Sister M. St. Robert realized it therapeutic value and had recorded music fill the halls of the hospital with softly played selections. Sister said that the music has a psychological effect on the patients and makes their pain more bearable. The music was sweet and soft and most pleasing and the patients appreciated this added thought for their comfort.

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