The Sisters had the pleasure of having as a guest the famous German Singer, Baroness Von Trapp, the charming mother of the family of singers known the world over for their musical production, “The Sound of Music.” The Baroness gave the Sisters a recording of the Sound of Music,” which was carefully put among their treasures and when played, the Sisters recalled the pleasant visit of the famous singer.

Statistics can be boring unless one is a professional statistician, but those of the Dietary Department were very interesting. Too lengthy for this history, perhaps, but nevertheless, interesting. There are about 3,200 trays served each week to patients; fifty-eight persons making up the two staffs to carry out the work. Miss Elsie Basovsky, Head of the Special Dietary Department, notes some of the problems such as a salt-free diets when patients ask, “please, a little salt,” but must be told gently why they may not have it. She says the work is intriguing as the Diet Department serves people of various culture and social groups who have varying food preferences. However, Miss Basovsky says, with her bright smile, “we understand, and we do our utmost to please everyone.”

For the first time in Berks County, a Vitreous Humor Bank, a sterile storage facility for eye fluid, was set up at St. Joseph Hospital. The vitreous fluid is removed from a donor’s eye after death, refrigerated and used for patients in need of this treatment. It was one more effort toward combating blindness or other eye problems.

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