Two departmental schools were started in 1961, a school for students in anesthesia and one for the teaching of X-Ray technicians. These schools were a distinct asset to the hospital as it was a great advantage to be able to instruct the students in our own techniques. The Intensive Care Unit and the Isotopes Department in the South Wing were opened in September. The School of Nursing continues to improve and attracts very desirable applicants, the 1961 class entering in the number of fifty-four women. The hospital had again been accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals.

Ever alert to the safety as well as the comfort of the patient, Lieutenant McGrath was engaged to institute a fire control program. The Lieutenant demonstrated the ways to extinguish a fire using a blanket, sheet, even newspapers. Later, there was a demonstration of moving bed-ridden patients in an emergency situation. Hospital personnel who participated in the program were given certificates. Lieutenant Mcgrath, fire safety specialist, served twenty-seven years with the Chicago Fire Department prior to his retirement.

An outpatient clinic was established this summer for the treatment of mental patients on leave from Wernersville State Hospital. The clinic was staffed by personnel from the State Hospital. There was hope that in the future, expansion of St. Joseph Hospital would include an inpatient Psychiatric Unit.

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